Support us

The network of the EYP is based entirely on volunteers and fundraising. The projects have no commercial goals, and in order to make Rotterdam 2018 a session of the highest quality, and accessible to as many people as possible, we need the help of external partners and sponsors.

There are numerous ways for organisations and people to work with us to make Rotterdam 2018 an exceptional experience for all participants, and to keep the barriers to participation low. This includes financial support, but sponsorship in kind, expertise and contacts are worth a lot to us as well.

We have a vested interest in creating sustainable, mutually beneficial partnerships, and to guarantee the visibility of our partners by means of our website, goodiebags for the participants and our other communications. Cooperating organisations can also play various roles at the conference. They can co-decide on the topics that participants will be discussing, delegate an expert to further explain a topic to a committee, give workshops, et cetera. Main partners will also get the opportunity to speak to all the participants during the Opening Ceremony or General Assembly.

Cooperating with with Rotterdam 2018, the 88th International Session of the European Youth Parliament is a unique opportunity to stimulate active citizenship in young people throughout Europe, and thereby contribute to a better future. If you are interested, have ideas, or know someone who might, please contact us here.