The entire conference takes place in Rotterdam, and the city will play a central role. The city gives with her international character a in the Netherlands unique style and atmosphere perfectly suited for the organisation of a conference like the 88th International Session of EYP. With 630.000 inhabitants, it is the second biggest city of the Netherlands. The city is worldwide known for her port, the biggest in Europe. It is a gateway to the world for Europe, and a gateway to Europe for the world.

Throughout discussions under the theme named ‘Discovering Global Europe’ and through a cultural program, the participants will get to know Rotterdam as an international channel for goods, services, and ideas in both directions. They will get the chance to explore the city’s character, culture and architecture during the cultural afternoon.

The participants will stay in the iconic cubic houses on the Blaak. The other venues, such as Theme Building venues and General Assembly venues will be announced in the months leading up to the conference.