The 88th International Session of EYP – Rotterdam 2018 will follow the proven procedure of the EYP sessions, which consists of three essential phases: Teambuilding, Committee Work, and the General Assembly.


The first phase of the session, where participants in the role of delegates gather for the first time in their chosen working group called a committee, each consisting of 15 people from various countries. Through various games and teambuilding activities they get to know each other, learn how to cooperate and start working as a team. This is a very important part of the session as it will have a huge impact on the participants’ experience at the session.

Committee Work

The delegates will have chosen their committees according to their preferences of the committee topic. Each committee is assigned a certain topic, usually a current European or global issue, and delegates are required to discuss the issue, come up with possible solutions and draft a resolution.

General Assembly

During the last two days, all committees reunite to present and discuss the results of the Committee Work. Each committee presents their motion for a resolution, which will pass through a debate involving defence and attack speeches, discussion of amendments, open debate and, lastly, a voting procedure. The resolutions that pass are forwarded to the patrons of the session and European decision-makers. Thus, it has a special meaning for the participants, as it is adding a special value to the voice of the European youth, which can motivate them to continue being active citizens and shows them that it is possible to make a difference.

During the whole process, from Teambuilding to General Assembly, each committee is supervised by an experienced member of the EYP, a Chairperson who provides the committee with support and guidance.

Culture Programme

Opening Ceremony & Closing Ceremony; official parts of programme with distinguished guests and inspiring speakers welcoming the participants and officially opening/closing the session.

Eurovillage; the delegations representing their countries will bring traditional food and drinks and present their culture to others. This is a great opportunity to taste new and interesting things as well as to learn about the habits and traditions of different cultures.

Euroconcert; a cultural event allowing the participants to show their artistic talents through musical, dance or other artistic performances.