The theme of the session is ‘Discovering Global Europe’, and will be recognizable in the academic focus, active citizenship, and the role of Rotterdam in the session.

Academic focus

The topics that will be discussed will be connected to this theme. The participants will work on topics such as globalisation, trade and economy, as well as sustainability, climate change, the energy transition, and social themes such as immigration and inequality. They will discover and give their vision on the role the EU can and should play on the dynamic, sometimes turbulent political world theatre – where and when will the EU lead?. The focus will be on how global dynamics and trends influence internal European affairs.

Active citizenship

Participants will also learn about their own position in the world as European citizen, and their position within Europe. Aside from discussing about how policy can best be formed, they will also discover how they can contribute to the future they would like to see. Participants will discover the growing connection between social movements and public policy, and the role they can play.

Role of Rotterdam

In addition, Rotterdam will play a central role to the identity of the session. Rotterdam, with its port is a gateway from Europe to the World, and vice versa. During the conference, participants get to know Rotterdam as an international conduit for goods, services, people and ideas in both directions. Furthermore, the character of Rotterdam, its culture and architecture are the focal point of the cultural afternoon.